At Saltay Hanalei Bay, we incorporate Battlefield Medicine into our Signature, full-body botanical spa therapies to give our guests a pampered, unique healing experience.

Battlefield Medicine was derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine during warring times. It was used during these times to assist soldiers who were injured during battle so they could heal quick and return to their post. Battlefield Medicine transitioned into Revival Medicine during periods where martial arts became popular.

In the early 90’s, when I was studying internal martial arts, we would practice Revival Medicine therapies at our sparring events. During these competitions, there would be four to eight matches going on in the center of a banquet hall or sprawled out on the lawn of a retreat center. The peripheral regions of the sparring matches would have a multitude of healing stations set up for competitors to use after each match.

Our martial brothers and sisters would be encouraged to practice a fighting technique to the fullest extent during their match. After each fight, the contestants would go to one of the healing stations to tend to any wound that came as a result of competing. This type of sparring gave practitioners an opportunity to feel comfortable practicing their art to the best of their ability, knowing that no matter the outcome of a fight, each person would be cared for prior to returning home to their families.

The healing alcoves set up at our sparring events would consist of herbal foot soaks, moxa-bustion smoke therapy, fire cupping, Chinese advanced sports medicine massage, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, qi gong and other types of herbal medicinal teas, internal tinctures and external salves that were concocted to encourage speedy recovery and healing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporates several branches of healing, ranging from external and internal herbal medicine, to therapeutic bodywork, dietary healing, breathing meditation, internal martial arts, acupuncture, acupressure, ba gua cosmology, energy healing and more. These techniques that have been used for centuries provide relaxation for the body and calmness of the mind, allowing one to come into alignment with their natural healing abilities.

Our healing practitioners are skilled in a variety of herbal disciplines and energy balancing methods that are intuitively customized and applied for those who partake in a Saltay botanical spa experience.  

At Saltay Botanical Spa, we incorporate Battlefield, Revival Medicine principles into our Signature, Botanical Spa Sessions. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between massage and full body wellness care through the use of herbal medicine, gently guiding guests into a restorative balance and rejuvenated perspective felt long after their sessions are complete.