Botanical Bliss

Why botanical? Plants are medicine. When we go out into nature, we commune with the divine, with our own unique higher power. Elements and botanicals abound in every direction. Each plant contains a life force. And just like our bodies, plants have an innate ability to nourish and heal, when used correctly. Have you ever noticed when someone receives a bouquet of flowers, or a potted flower, how their face lights up? The same thing happens when we ingest a botanical infused water such as cucumber mint, we instantly become refreshed. Botanical Bliss happens when we connect with plants and elements from outside and bring them inside, whether to our home or our body; we feed our Souls. Our botanical spa works with the natural healing properties of local harvested plants as well as other medicinal herbals to provide another way for people to relax, connect, rejuvenate and heal.

Some of the botanicals used at Saltay Botanical Spa include: plantain leaf, mint, ginger, turmeric, rose, lemongrass, jasmine, green tea, astragalus, spike, honeysuckle, licorice, clove, lavender and many more.

Botanical means plant and is another name for herb. A botanical can be used in skin products, herbal supplements, medicinal teas, body oils and more.

The benefits of working with botanicals is that herbs are a natural herb that can alter the make up of our bodies. For example, if a person is feeling extra warm, and it’s summertime, one might consider drinking mint tea or consuming pieces of watermelon. The properties of the mint are cooling and in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic Medicine, mint is a good source in which it cools while soothing. Aloe is another plant that is cooling and soothing. Plantain leaf, also known as laukahi in Hawaiian plan medicine, is used in a concoction to assist with healing wounds.

Botanical medicine is making headlines in the way it can reverse debilitating diseases. Some herbs, like hawthorne berry has been proven to increase blood flow while reducing restriction of arteries. Other herbs, such as noni, has been thought to mitigate or reduce free radicals to help ward off cancer.

Indigenous peoples all over the world have been known to work with plant / botanical medicines as a way for spiritual expansion, ridding the body of unwanted dense energies, removing toxins, boosting the performance functions of organs and so on.

When it comes to feeling well and balanced, botanical medicine is at the forefront of all-natural healing.

Next time you are on a walk, look around and when you hear a friend mention the benefits of a plant, stop and take stock as the information could be life saving down the road.